Grenfell Nursery W11 admissions


  • Admission to the nursery is via the waiting list, 2 year old pilot scheme and Minimum Funding Entitlement scheme run by RBKC.
  • To be eligible for a nursery place the following criteria must apply:
  1. One parent must live or work in the R.B.K.C. and proof of residence or employment may be required.
  2. The child must be under 5 years (6years if you are attending afterschool) at the time of admittance (proof of age is required before child may attend the nursery).
  • A place at the nursery will normally be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
  • The centre aim to have a balanced group of children, i.e. age, gender, ethnic origin, etc. using its nursery services. This may occasionally mean a child is offered a place before other on the waiting list.
  • Where a child has a disability or other special need, the centre will endeavour to make the necessary adaptations or provide additional resources to permit their inclusion into the nursery.
  • What nursery sessions a child will be offered will be discussed with the parent at time of application and when a place becomes available.
  • A five day place will normally only be offered where a parent is working or in full time study.
  • The centre will aim to ensure that a majority of children attending the nursery live on the Lancaster West Estate and immediate area.