Grenfell Nursery W11 Fees


Part time 9.00am – 12.00pm or 1.00pm- 4.00pm

£24.00per session / £120.00per week


Full time 9.00am – 4.00pm

£56.00per day/ £280.00 per week


Extended Day 8.00 am-5.00 pm

£72.00 per day/ £360.00 per week

We offer bespoke spaces as well and they will be costed on an individual basis.


The fees charged to parents are a major funding stream of the centre.  It is, therefore, essential to the running of the centre that users of the service are aware of this and that fees are collected promptly.

Fees are currently charged according to the service used.  The morning service is primarily intended for non or part time working parents and fees charged include a lower rate for families in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Disability benefits, etc.  

The full time and full day service are normally charged at the same rate for working, non-working parents and students.  Parents are, therefore, encouraged to access any financial support that is available to them to help with their childcare costs.  This currently includes:-

  • Working Families Tax Credit
  • Childcare Tax Credit
  • Access Funds via colleges and universities
  • Local charities who may give financial assistance for childcare costs,     especially for lone parents
  • Childcare Vouchers from employers, etc.

Parents may also be entitled to other benefits such as HousingBenefit which include elements relating to childcare costs.  The Co-ordinator will provide support and advice where necessary to enable a parent to access the appropriate sources of funding.

Fees should be paid weekly or monthly in advance unless agreed otherwise with the Co-ordinator.  The arrangements for payment should be discussed and agreed at the time of registering child and set out in the Agreement between parent and the centre.

The Co-ordinator will also stress the importance of fees to the viability of the centre and the importance of regular payment at the time of registration.  She will also make the parent aware of sanctions which may need to be taken in the event of non-payment

All necessary forms for claiming financial support should be completed as soon as possible by the Co-ordinator.  Copies of all forms should be photocopied for future reference.

The Co-ordinator should ensure satisfactory systems are in place to detect non-payment or changes in patterns of fee payments.


The childcare charges of some parents are paid in full or part by subsidies from training providers, Access or Hardship Funds from colleges, universities, etc.

The parent should inform the Co-ordinator where payment is to be received direct from a third party and whether invoicing, etc. for payment is required.  The student parent should provide proof that they are entitled to receive subsidy.  They should also agree to pay any outstanding fees if required.

As a result of delays in receiving payment in the past, the centre cannot guarantee providing a place for a student’s child if payment is not received within 60 days of forms being completed or invoices despatched.

The student parent should be made aware of this and encouraged to follow through payment of subsidies with their college or training provider.


The centre is registred with R.B.K.C. Education Department to receive DfES Minimum Funding Entitlement for children over 3 years which entitles the child to five 2.5 hour sessions of free education each week.  A child becomes entitled to this in the term after their third birthday.  The centre is responsible for applying for this grant.

The Minimum Funding Entitlement should be calculated for each week the Centre is open.  The place should be provided free or the balance of fees only charged each week.  Parents made aware of the terms and conditions of the MFE and appropriate forms completed at the beginning of each term.  Changes to entitlement and/or methods of payment and how this may affect the Centre should be kept under review.


The centre is registered with the R.B.K.C. Early years Service to receive DfES funding to offer children aged 2 years old 10 hours of free childcare each week. A child is only entitled to this if they fill out an application form which is to be submitted to the Kensington and Chelsea early years department where the application will be considered by a professional panel and you will hear within a month if you have a place on the scheme for your child. 


For many parents on low income, arrears of fees can quickly become unmanageable especially if allied to rent or other debts.  The centre does not have the resources compared to other agencies to pursue debt especially once the child has left the centre.

The Co-ordinator should, therefore, ensure satisfactory systems are in place to detect non-payment or changes in patterns of fee payments.  Emphasis should be placed on early detection to avoid build up of fees, etc. 

Fees should be no more than 2 weeks in arrears before the following action 

is first taken:-

1. The Co-ordinator should make contact with and talk to parent regarding arrears and find out why payments have not been made.  Agreement should be made as to when arrears will be paid.

2. If fees are not brought up to date when agreed or further weekly fees are unpaid, the Co-ordinator should again meet with the parent.  

3 The parent should be asked why fees are unpaid and sources of assistance discussed.  She/he should be warned of the consequences of non-payment.  

A payment plan should be devised detailing how and when arrears are to be paid.  The parent should be encouraged to be realistic in agreeing to level of arrears to be paid and in ensuring that it is achievable. 

The meeting should be recorded and parent asked to sign it as a true record.  A letter should then be sent to the parent setting out the action to be taken and their agreement to it.  There should be copies for both parties.

At the Co-ordinator /managers discretion the nursery place can be suspended for two weeks while the matter of arrears is addressed. 

4. The above action should be taken within 4 weeks after first contact with parent to discuss arrears of fees i.e. no more than 6 weeks after first missed payment.

5. Where a parent defaults on the plan, the child will be excluded. Fees continue to be chargeable during this period.  The child will not be re-admitted unless fees are paid in full either in cash or by cheques with banker’s guarantees.

6. If after 4 working weeks from the date of the exclusion no contact or payment has been received, the parent will be written to informing them that the child’s place has been withdrawn.  They will also be informed that the matter is being referred to a sub-committee of the Management Committee who will decide on what action to take.

7.  The Management Committee sub-committee will be informed of the action taken to date.  They should then decide on what, if any, subsequent action to take which could include the Small Claims Court.  The parent will be informed of their decision regarding the recovery of the arrears of fees.